Elegant Weddings at Affordable Prices

Why Choose Simple Elegance?

Our Mission:

  1. To facilitate a special event that reflects your dreams and vision
  2.  To alleviate stress in planning by attending to details, ensuring follow through, and selecting trusted vendors
  3.  To ensure great value through relationships with vendors that have demonstrated exceptional performance

Our Experience:

  1. We have extensive training and experience in the field of wedding and event planning. 
  2. We have a wealth of knowledge in selecting vendors, locations, caterers, and party professionals to meet your specific needs. 
  3. We can save you the time, stress, heartache, and worry when making decisions. 
  4. We make it a point to pay attention to details and have developed lasting relationships with many vendors, ensuring you great value and service.

Our Promise:

This is YOUR special event, our promise to you:

  1. We will not pressure you, nor will we make decisions for you—it is about you and your vision
  2. We will make sure everything is taken care of on your special day
  3. We will make sure everything is managed exactly as you envisioned it
  4. You will not be bothered with any details on your special day.




We do not accept any commission from vendors, nor do we benefit from selecting any particular vendor or location. Our only benefit is your happiness. All details are kept in strict confidence.

We have served many clients in a wide-range of situations from Weddings to Retirement Parties as well as Family Reunions.

Your happiness is all that Simple Elegance is concerned with.

My attention to detail will guarantee a special day with spectacular memories that
will last you a lifetime. Enjoy yourself and leave the work to us!

Your event will be everything you ever dreamed it would be!!